We’ve compiled some resources to help you fight distractions, strengthen your faith, grow in your love of God’s Word, and deepen your convictions. 

Tools to Manage Screen Time

These add-ons are helpful for managing your screen time and blocking unwanted videos, sites and ads.


Hides YouTube-related videos, suggestions, and other distractions.


Chrome extension for blocking sites.


Great ad and pop-up blocker.

Bible Resources

Bible Reading Plans

Here are a couple Bible reading plans our staff recommend:


Excellent resource for learning more about the books and themes of the Bible through animation and explainer videos.

Verse Memorization Tools

Need help memorizing verses? Try these apps!

Apologetics (Defending Your Faith)

These sites have helpful articles, videos, and other resources that deal with common questions towards Christianity.

Reasonable Faith

Renowned Christian philosopher William Lane Craig’s apologetics website with writings, videos, and podcasts that answer the toughest apologetics questions.

Sean McDowell

Helpful videos, blogs, and podcasts on topics concerning the Christian worldview by Biola University professor Sean McDowell.

Apologetics Q&A

Conversational and interactive style of answering common questions about Christianity maintained by our very own InterHigh mentor, Dan Kinder.

J. Warner Wallace

Cold-case detective (and former FOCUS speaker!) Jim Warner Wallace’s site with writings, videos, and podcasts.

Impact 360

Videos that help you think about and answer tough questions and issues concerning Christians today.

dare 2 share

Learn how to share the gospel with this simple 6-word acronym.

Other Resources


Sketches that visually explain the major works of atheist-turned-Christian CS Lewis.

My Hope with Billy Graham

Testimonies interspersed with messages from Billy Graham.